Coin Counter PRC 420

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The high-speed coin counting machine
with top performance

The PRC 420 mixed, high-speed coin evaluator. A large volume of coins are sorted and evaluated, based on a belt drive system, in a very short time. Batch stops can be set separately for the desired number of coins.

With a sorting speed of up to 2,800 coins per minute, the PRC 420 coin counter is ideal for cash centres and is great for anywhere where large amounts of coins must be processed quickly and safely.

The Coinsure Adaptive® Sensor detects foreign money and common forgeries. The coin boxes can be exchanged for a bagging system. With the PRC 420 coin counter up to eight bagging systems can be used in parallel. With the built-in thermal printer, the PRC 420 coin counter can quickly and easily produce receipts records to be attached to SafeBags for example. Optional collection plate. Batch stop can be used after the necessary number of coins for filling directly in paper sleeves.

• Coinsure Adaptive® Sensor
• mixed value coin counting for up to 8 coin types
• coin counter with flexible system: coin boxes or bagging system
• double batch stop function
• up to 2.800 coins per minute
• with an integrated printer

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Coin Counter PRC 420

Coin Counter PRC 420